The main ingredient to Ohio Ocean Foundation’s cleanups is fun. We integrate various activities that people love into cleanups so we can engage a larger audience into the movement of cleaner oceans. From kayak cleanups to yoga cleanups, we offer an exciting experience for anyone to enjoy while cleaning up our local waterways and streets. Since our inception in early 2018, we’ve cleaned up over 1200 pounds of trash littering Stark County with the help of over 100 volunteers. 

The Ohio Ocean Foundation also provides attendees with local ecosystem education to facilitate deeper connections to our local environment by attendees. Studies have shown that when people understand their local environment more fully, then they have more incentive to continue to care for the local environment long after a service event is done.


In addition to educating about how local waterways in Ohio reach the ocean and how the ocean impacts human health in Ohio, our team also provides participants with specific actions they can take-away after the cleanup to stop pollution at its source. This includes ideas like refusing single-use plastics, not pouring hazardous chemicals down storm drains, and limiting individual fertilizer usage during rainy seasons.


Reach out to info@ohiooceanfoundation.org, if your business, community group, or church group would like to host a cleanup, and we can provide you with all of the knowledge and tools to do so!