The ocean...

it's closer than you think.

At the Ohio Ocean Foundation, our mission is to raise awareness about the direct connection between human health in Ohio and the global health of our ocean. 


We implement our mission by bringing ocean science education to Ohio; building connections between scientists, educators, and activists from inland, coastal, and ocean communities; and providing inland residents with meaningful ocean experiences. 

In Ohio, our health depends upon the health of the Great Lakes and our ocean.

Did you know the ocean produces 50% of Earth's oxygen?

No matter where we live, we can thank the ocean for one out of every two breaths we take.

Our actions in ohio 

impact the rest of the planet because

all waterways are interconnected.

The map above demonstrates how all rivers and tributaries in the United States are intertwined and lead to the Great Lakes or the ocean. This means what we put in the water in Ohio will ultimately enter our beautiful Great Lakes or the Gulf of Mexico, where it will mix into the global ocean system.